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  Cardinal Burns - Comedy Sketch Show  
Director: Ben Taylor Producer: Jenna Jones
Production Company: Left Bank Pictures Locations and set builds, London, 2011

We decided very early on that we wanted a cinematic and filmic look to the entire show. The greatest challenge therein was to create a consistent visual language that would work for as many sketches as possible throughout the series.

Running characters include Office Flirt, Phil and Terry the Cockney Midgets, and sketches examine office etiquette, take a behind-the-scenes look at street artist Banksy; and follow Young Dreams, a parody of The Hills featuring three young girls on a fashion internship. Below are just a few pictures taken during the shoot.

  Crime Scene "Vomit Cops" - photograph of the above clip - courtesy of Channel 4  
  Rural French shop (Potatoe Sketch)  
  "Phil & Terry" - Mini Cab office  
  "Rock School" (above) - Daytime adult education how to become a rock star  
  "Cardinal Burns" - one of the opening sketches  
  "Sketches range from silly and cartoonish to smart, contemporary concepts, to character pieces and quick fire moments of madness, all filmed with an ambitiously filmic and rich frame of reference that make this series stand out from the crowd." *British Comedy Guide*