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  CHICKENS - Comedy Drama for SKY  
Director: Ben Palmer Producer: John Rushton
Production Company: Big Talk Set build and locations, London and Home Counties, 2013

The Inbetweeners stars Simon Bird and Joe Thomas are set to star in a new First World War comedy. Written by and starring Simon Bird, Jonny Sweet and Joe Thomas.

Set in the early autumn of 1914, the majority of the filming the filming took place in three designed sets, build at Three Mills Studios, with location shoots for the English village in Finchingfield, Essex.

Chickens is a sitcom about three young men in a world of women as every men in their village has left to fight in the Great War. Only three fellows remain: George (Thomas) is a conscientious objector; Cecil (Bird) is a reject from the army on health grounds; and then there’s Bert (Sweet), an amoral philandering scaredicat. They couldn’t be more different but in the eyes of their neighbours they’re all the same: chickens.

  Above and below: main cottage set in which the guys live. Set build at Three Mills Studios, East London.  
  Below: The village pub - set built at Three Mills Studios  
  Below: A very affluent soldiers home, built and dressed in the Edwardian style of its time. Set build at 3 Mills Studios.  
  The village pub exterior. On location in Finchingfield, Essex.  
  The village grocer, location dressing in Finchingfield, Essex.  
  The village green, altered and dressed for the soldiers.