Production Design and Art Direction


Credit Suisse
Director: Barney Cokeliss Producer: Daniel Buechler
Production Company: Bubbles Films Hamburg Set builds at Dubai Film Studios, UAE

Three commercials starring Roger Federer; in a flower shop, a car showroom and in the street taking money out of a cash machine. All three commercials had to be shot in one day due to Rogers diary which meant all sets had to be in walking distance to each other. All sets and set-ups had to look and feel distinctively Swiss for the client Credit Suisse which meant extensive set building and turning parts of the Dubai desert into Zurich.

Below are picture of the sets and the original locations, starting with the flower shop, above and below:

The flower shop was built in an empty storage place for which we used the inside as studio for the shop and the glass facade and exterior as the exterior. The exterior also doubled up as the exterior for the street scene. Sketch below:
The street scene involving a cash machine had to look like being filmed in Zurich so we decided to design and build a fictional facade of a Zurich inner city street:
Facade details:
The car showroom was built in an empty showroom and was loosely based on a Mercedes Benz showroom being one of Roger Federers main sponsors. Below are photographs of the finished set and the original location: