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  Gap Year - Travel Drama - Eleven Films for E4 (UK) & TNT (US)  
Director: jonathan Van Tulleken, Nathalie Bailey Producer: Tim Whitby
Production Company: Eleven Films Locations and set builds in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal

Travel Drama-Comedy set in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal - all interiors shot for different countries were shot in Malaysia on locations or studio in Kuala Lumpur.

Each block/country was given its unique colour coding according to what I found most appropriate after having traveled and recce'd each of them extensively before.

Each episode had large set pieces but, due to the nature of being a travel drama, also hundreds of locations. The images below are a selection in order of appearance, notably a Chinese wedding, a festival at the Great Wall, a Vietnames Orphanage, a Thai Backpackers Beach Resort - enterily shot in Malaysia - the making a of an apocalyptic Zombie movie in Penang/ Malaysia and the journey to Nepal.

  Vietnamese Orphanage - set