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Director: Jon Wright Producers: Tracey Brimm, Kate Myers, Arvind David
Production Company: BBC Films, Slingshot, Forward Films Locations, Birmingham, 2008

A bullied teenager comes back from the dead to take revenge on his classmates.

The script for Tormented interested me as it had a very American, "pop-corn" feeling to it but set in a very British setting. I liked to create a fresh and colourful version of a English school with a very dark undertone. Shot mainly in two different schools in Birmingham and other locations.

  The Art Room  
  Sixth Form Common Room  
  Party and after-party with the in-crowd  
  Headmaster (above) and one of the final scenes (below)  
  "A slasher for the Twitter generation, Tormented catches the spirit of the times without being too try-hard. Quips and snogging take precedence over scares, but its commentary on new technology’s power to intimidate is chillingly apt." *Total Films*